Yuji Naka

Gamasutra has a nice interview with Sonic the Hedgehog creator/programmer Yuji Naka.

Sonic was one of the first games to leave me in visual awe. I fell in love with the fast paced gameplay, and how fun it was to run through the levels, once I mastered them.
Nowadays it's hard to see a game that is just fun to play.

It is always nice to see Yuji Naka leave his hierarchically high position at Sega to create his own game studio (Prope). Even if it is a sub-company of Sega, he is now able to be more involved in the creation of the new games. I think this quote say's it all:

"It's better to keep yourself directly involved with the actual game process, you know? Directors are pretty high up the job ladder in the movie industry, but they're still involved with every aspect of the film they're working on; they're still making movies their entire careers."

Also, their project for the Wii called "Let's Tap" looks fun to play, and uses the wiimote in an original way! Just check the video:

Prope's Let's Tap.
Be sure to read the full interview, it's worth it!

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