Indie games that caught my attention

Some of these games are no longer indie, and have gone "mainstream" (like Fez, that was just a concept and is now being actively developed).

This is a list of the indie games that caught my attention in the past year. Unfortunatelly I still haven't played most of them, but the videos are impressive nontheless.

Fez - A fresh take on "2D" platformers.

World of Goo  - A physics puzzle where you control smiley balls of goo.

Brainpipe - Playing it should feel like you took LSD

Mightier - A new way to intereact with computer games (needs webcam + printer)

Osmos - This is what I was expecting for Spore's first level... (instead of the creature creator!)

PixelJunk Eden - This looks great, but I think the gameplay can be confusing ...

And, off course, You Have to Burn the Rope!
No video link for this one, as it is a short web-based game.

It's nice to see there is still some room for creativity these days!

Forgot about (altought these are not indie, I think they are original enough to be here)

Castle Crashers

and Patapon - Who said sony doesn't know how to do fun games ?

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