Bjarne Stroustrup interview on Dr Dobbs

I would like to share this interview to Bjarne on Dr Dobbs with you.
It is worth reading, at least for the part about what will be going into C++0x and what will be deferred to the next language revision.

Quoting Bjarne:

  • Libraries
    • Threads
    • Regular expressions
    • Hash tables
    • Smart pointers
    • Many improvements for containers
    • Quite a bit support for new libraries
  • Language
    • A memory model supporting modern machine architectures
    • Thread local storage
    • Atomic types
    • Rvalue references
    • Static assertions
    • Template aliases
    • Variadic templates
    • Strongly typed enums
    • constexpr: Generalized constant expressions
    • Control of alignment
    • Delegating constructors
    • Inheriting constructors
    • auto: Deducing variable types from initializers
    • Control of defaults
    • nullptr: A name for the null pointer
    • initializer lists and uniform initialization syntax and semantics
    • concepts (a type system for template arguments)
    • a range-based for loop
    • raw string literals
    • UTF8 literals
    • Lambda functions

I can't wait to use C++0x!

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