Game Feel

This article at gamasutra
really got me all pumped up again about this project.
I left it go back to a dark spot on the back of my mind ... all forgotten due to other issues that just would not let me focus on this. I guess Mr. Maslow would have something to say about this ...

Anyway, this is a great article focusing on what makes us want to play a video game, again and again. The most basic ingredient that sadly is forgotten too many times in both old and new games.

Game Feel.

How well do you identify with your avatar. How natural does it feel to control it. Do you get a feeling of immersiveness while playing ? Do you end up reacting instinctively to the gameplay without hours of practice to get used to the cumbersome controls ? Do the game's control just feel right ?
Ooh immersiveness, this has been a big buzzword on games lately, but like with all buzzwords, it's how you implement it that matters, not just checking the it of some checklist.

I especially like Mr. Miyamoto's idea of having a test "garden" where he experiments with how the game feels at a very early stage in development.

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